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Fire engineering solutions to ensure compliance without compromising architectural design and functionality

IDF fire engineering

IDF operates in the field of fire engineering for over 20 years.

We specialize in finding the most cost-effective solutions for each and every client, from structural fire resistance analysis, to fire strategy, design of active extinguishing and control systems, BIM implementation, fluid dynamics modelling (CFD) and assistance during fire testing.

With our multidisciplinary approach, we are proudly taking a part in high profile international projects, including among our loyal clients companies that represent excellence in their fields.

The synergistic work of our team allows us to evaluate engineering solutions from different perspectives and to provide valid alternatives in accordance with national, European, and international standards, ensuring a unique interface capable of managing complex contracts, optimizing the design in terms of time and cost.

Key areas of expertise


We work with technical professionals across a range of core specialisms and our areas of expertise include:

Fire  Risk Assessments
Fire Strategies
Engineering Judgments

Fire  Consultant
Passive Fire Protection
Feasibility studies

Fire Compartmentation
Building Surveying & Inspection
Project management

Fire Door Surveying
CFD modeling
Fire security

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